Frequently Asked Questions About Paintball

Q:  Does it hurt to get hit by a Paintball?
A:  It really depends on the person, at first it stings and after each time it does not hurt as much.

Q:  What should I bring?
It is suggested that you bring extra socks (if its going to be muddy out), water, extra money for chips, pop, etc.

Q:  What should I wear?
A:  Most fields provide coveralls to wear, but wearing comfortable clothes underneath such as sweats and a old t-shirt would do fine.  Also a good pair of running shoes that you do not mind getting dirty is a good idea, make sure they fit well and don't slide around much because you will be running lots.

Q:  How many people should I bring to go play?
As many as possible! 

Q:  What if I do not have a group to play with?
You can call your local field and see if a group would not mind letting you play with them, but it is much more fun getting a group of people together that are all your friends.

Q:  What does marker mean?
A:  A marker is the equipment that paintball players use to shoot paintballs. It is also called incorrectly "Paintgun" or "Paintball Gun"

Q:  What is mercy?
A:  "Mercy" is a term some fields use that you can offer to your opponent to accept 
so they do not have to be marked by the paintball at close range.

Q:  When do you offer mercy?
A:  You should offer this if they do not know you are there, or very close range. 
This prevents it from hurting them as most players their first few times are not 
used to being marked by a paintball.

Q:  Is offering mercy optional?
A:  You should offer it as a courtesy to your opponent. In tournaments there is no 
mercy rule, but you should check with your local tournament you maybe playing at 
for their rules.

Q:  How many people are usually on a team?
A:  If your speaking of tournaments then the formats can be anything. The most 
commonly seen is 3 man, 5 man, 7 man and 10 man tournament formats. If you are 
just playing a recreational game then the teams are however many you want. If its 
a small game it could be 2 on 2 to a big game that could have 200 on 200!

Q:  What is the worst "body damage" a paintball can do?
A:  If every one is running at a safe velocity speed of 300 Feet Per Second (FPS), the 
worst that can happen is a bloody welt, and that is from being shot at extremely 
close range. Usually fields will run their markers at a lower velocity to ensure 
more safety for the beginner. You will usually only see a maximum velocity of 
300FPS at tournaments, with players who have their own equipment and have been 
playing the game for some time.

Q:  Should I wear a hat with my goggles?
A:  It is all up to you if you would like to wear a hat, it is not necessary but you 
can if you want, or a touque.

Q:  How many times should you tag your opponent?
A:  As little as possible as over shooting is not necessary. Sometimes you may be 
tagged more then once, this is usually an accident and can occur often, especially 
in tournaments. It is nothing to get upset over.

Q:  What happens when you are hit?
A:  Usually in a tournament, or most recreational games when you are hit by the 
paintball you would raise one arm, or your marker in the air to let everyone know 
you are marked. You should put your barrel bag or plug on while you are walking 
off or safe.